Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hoopnotica launches distribution in Japan

Hoopnotica In Japan, sponsored by Nike and partnered with Gold's Gym!

Well, we finally made it! Hoopnotic Hoopdance is now readily available in Japan! This week finds the Ladies hoopin it out for many major media sources in Tokyo including Japanese Elle and MTV! 
We brought an awesome team of ladies including KJ (the Mutaytor, Cirque Bizirk, Suicide Girls), and Jamie (Hoopnotica) to hoop alongside Rayna and Keaton.

The result is a fabulous foursome of positive energy, and some damn good hoopin! 
Japan is loving Hoopnotica- we have interviewed on two of Tokyo's hottest radio stations and appeared on MTV twice in the past week. There are also mentions in several magazines including Japanese Elle!
Hooping is still very unknown here, and the hip Japanese population is really enjoying the new Travel Hoops. The girls are tearing up the city filming new promotional videos, shopping, and enjoying being in this beautiful culture.
One downer is performing in the clubs here, as cigarette smoking is still allowed inside. So we have been doing the best that we can with that one, and taking breaks to go outside and breathe. Other than that, smoking is not really allowed anywhere, and the city is super green and clean.
 Our DVD will be coming soon fully translated into Japanese. We have learned a tremendous amount about cultures and how they differ, but the big surprise was how similar we actually are. We look forward to coming home and creating new partnerships in new countries. Today Japan, tomorrow.... the world!

Make sure and check out our CEO's blog, as she re-connects with her hoop practice with the intention of losing weight this summer. Follow her progress and show her the love with comments!


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