Friday, August 01, 2008

My Photo Shoot with Rayna

Whenever Hoopnotica decides to add a new product to our site- whether it be a new accessory we found…

(Pamela modeling our Starburst Hoop & Poofy Hair Clips!)

or our Limited Edition collections…

(Rayna modeling our Sold Out Mermaid’s Tale)

We do a photo shoot to add our own personal flair to the mix. We never hire a professional photographer, and usually it's between the folks with the BFA degrees- Gabriella (HoopMamma) or myself- to get the job done. Luckily we have such a beautiful subject (with rock solid abs…)

(Rayna for our Tokyo press pics)

I have a love of photography- I get this from my Mother- but I have no real training and always just relied on my creative instinct to make the picture happen. This all shifted however upon a gift from my Mom of a brand spankin’ new Canon Digital Rebel and its fancy telephoto lens.

(Me and my new baby- I named her Louisa after my Mom)

It’s amazing. It’s like when you watch a documentary and you see the real set compared to what we see on film and how different that is… This camera rocks. It can take the ordinary and make it look outstanding. Needless to say- I’ve signed up for photography classes… but in the meantime- I’m having fun playing with Rayna in her front yard ~ here are some pics from our Melodia & Luna Bag photo shoot on Monday (these pants & bags are the shiz, by the way, I own one in every color)

I look forward to sharing my photographs with you as I continue my journey with my camera~ and would love feedback! This new passion for me has been boosted by the recent NY Post article on Hoopnotica- featuring a picture of Rayna in a Lucky Charm taken by none other than… myself.



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Anonymous said...

you gurlzzz are sooooooo amazing! i loved meeting you (keaton) in april! my sister is soooooo beautiful! ya'll are the most hoopinest hoopers in all zee vorld!