Friday, August 15, 2008

Relieving the Stress of Life through Hooping

It’s 45 days till the wedding… I have a list 3 pages long of things to do in the next 2 weeks, not to mention the 6 page list of questions to figure out from the ceremony/reception site. I don’t know what possessed me to plan an entire destination wedding (Canada), work a full time job (Go Hoopnotica Go!), and keep up with the Olympics at the same time (I *heart* Aaron Piersol). I’m at a point, where each day I cross something off my list and I’m reminded of 5 other things that I need to add to it. So what do I do when I’m about to lose my mind? I take out my hoop and jump on my bed…

My good friend Jen had stopped by to take me out to lunch- so she decided to pick up Louisa (my camera) and snap a few shots…

Like so many Hoopers out there, I am not blessed with a lot of ‘extra’ space in my 2 bedroom apartment in Santa Monica, but I do have a King size bed. So I pick a rockin’ song on my ipod (today was The Blues are Still Blue by Belle & Sebastian… it’s so yummy!), get up on my bed and hoop it out for 5 minutes. Here’s a breakdown of what happens…

Minute #1- starting off slow
Hooping on a bed is like hooping on sand- it tests your balance, so your core has to work twice as hard to keep yourself upright and stable. I start with the hoop rotating on my waist, close my eyes & turn my attention to my breath. This meditative start is already melting my anxiety away.

Minute #2- getting into it
I slowly start to incorporate my arms and start to pick up the pace of the hoop to match the rhythm of the song. I turn around slowly, keeping balance on the bed and moving the hoop to my hips, where I can really start to feel the beat- a smile creeps its way onto my face.

Minute #3-4- rock it out
I bring the hoop to my chest and start to meld with the song- arm weaving, duck-outs, angles and then drop down to my knees on the bed with a corkscrew and continue upper body work on my knees- rising up and back- feeling my thigh muscles come alive- My breathing has quickened and I’m starting to sweat as I come back up with the hoop back on my waist for quick undulations- they empower me and I feel silly and sexy at the same time.

Minute #5- give it an ending
As a trained performer – I have learned that any performance, whether it be in your pajamas or on a stage in front of thousands- has a beginning, middle and end. The beginning and middle comes to most people naturally, but I encourage you to find fun ways to end your practice. Whether it’s posing at the end of the song, spinning your hoop slowly above your head and down as you walk off or giving a bow with your hoop- give yourself completion. It’s so rewarding to your spirit. I ended this 5 minute bed romp by practicing slow control on my waist, taking it down to my thighs, bringing it all the way back up to above my head and striking a Madonna worthy pose at the top.

I take a moment to glance at myself in the mirror and relish in my ridiculousness. I fix the covers on the bed, take a moment to catch my breath and return to my desk with a renewed vigor. I can accomplish all that I have on my plate and more. I am an extraordinary human being. All it took was little inner child playtime on a king-sized bed.



Shavonne said...

Congratulations on the wedding Keaton!!! Don't stress out too much, just remember the marriage is the 1st priority. You can have as many weddings as you want. I wish you all the luck, love, and happiness one person can possibly give to another. Keep hoopin'! You guys keep me in the hoop and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. P.S. I love the breakdown of song by minutes. I will have to try that!

Lucy said...

Thanks Keaton!

Thanks for your five minute hooping description. I will definitely try this. Hooping feels truly refreshing but I don't know that hooping will help in stress relieving.